Effect of Caprifig Type on Quantity and Quality of Estahban Dried Fig Ficus carica cv. Sabz

To investigate the effects of caprifig type on quantity and quality of Estahban dried figs, research experiments were conducted in Estahban Fig Research Station during 2002 and 2003. The cv. Sabz edible fig was caprified under controlled conditions using ‘Pouzdombali’, ‘Dane-Sefid’, ‘Khormai’ and ‘Shah-Anjiri’ caprifigs during the caprification season. The results of these caprifications indicated that caprifig type had no effect on fruit diameter and dry weight of ‘Sabz’ dried figs, while the length, total soluble solids, fruit eye diameter and percentage of seed germination were affected significantly by the pollen source. In addition, the time of fruit ripening and skin colour were influenced significantly by the pollen source. The ‘Shah-Anjiri’ caprifig, compared with the other caprifigs used in this study, significantly reduced the ripening period of ‘Sabz’ dried fig, and generally the best quality of fruit was obtained after caprifying this edible fig with ‘Pouzdombali’ caprifig.