Mexico: The harvest of figs for export begins in Aguascalientes

The Ministry of Rural and Agribusiness Development (SEDRAE) stated that fig producers in the municipalities of Jesus Maria, Aguascalientes, Rincon de Romos , Pabellon de Arteaga, Cosio, El Llano, and Asientos, in the State of Aguascalientes, will begin harvesting the fig that will be exported to different countries in Europe and the United Arab Emirates

Currently, this fruit is cultivated on 14 hectares. The yield is 28 tons per hectare but this fruit can yield up to 30 tons per hectare. Last weekend, the Governor of Aguascalientes , Martin Orozco Sandoval, paid a visit to the Las 

Higueras ranch, located in the municipality of Cosío, which is estimated will harvest 30 tons of high-quality fig for export this year

Orozco Sandoval stressed that the entity’s strategies for crop diversification were working and that producers were giving added value to their products